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Together We Can Meet Your Goals

Running and Triathlon are my passions. I cannot envision a world in which I do not do them every day. I love to see that passion in others. It fuels me.

As a coach I develop a personalized plan for each client. I treat you as an individual and help you cultivate the athlete within so that you achieve your goals, whatever those goals are. I get to know your dreams and make them my own. There is no substitute for hard work, but working smart matters too. You can develop your skill level in a structured environment with weekly plans that constantly challenge you while providing both encouragement and support. You will develop your core skills, avoid injury, and progress more quickly. You will benefit when exposed to the challengers of competition that require effective decision making and precise execution under pressure.

I know that you are a highly motivated and committed athlete so the level of individual communication is important. You will always be asked to provide input and feedback on the weekly plans so that they are specific to your needs and style.

My goal is to learn what motivates you (daily communication, weekly recap, email, phone, texting), what your pain limiters are (what do you like the least and need the most help with), what is going on in the rest of your life….I gather a lot before we set up a plan. From there I am all about what is realistic, setting attainable short and long term goals, and keeping you engaged and motivated to get to that next level.


No cookie cutter plans, constant feedback and monitoring, and regular communication—come race day there are no surprises. We have practiced it all and emotionally gone through all that is possible.

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